There are regular Classes and Club Meetings that you might be interested in. From a Chess Club to Dancing lesson's, there's something for everyone...
Monday Night Bingo

Monday: Bingo Night -Tickets on sale from 7pm Bingo starts 8pm


Dance Strategy

Monday 8pm to 9pm

Wednesday 7.45pm to 8.45pm

Ring Sophie on 07722595542 to book a place.


Nice and Easy Keep Fit Classes
Classes will be back from Monday 17th May 2021 with Sarah at £5 per session.
Bookings only from 17th May, to reserve your place please ring 07813205854.
Classes are every Monday and Thursday 10am to 11am. Doors open 09.45am.

Dance Fit Classes

Nicky - Wednesday - 6.30pm to 7.15pm £5 per session

Aerobics Classes

Sophie - Wednesday -  8pm to 9pm £5 per session

Slimming World

Meetings are held on...
Tuesday 7am to 11.30am and 3.30pm to 9.30pm

Baby Groups

Meetings are held on...

Monday 11.30am to 1230pm

Wednesday 9.15am to 10.15am

Friday 8.30am to 12pm

Meetings are the last Wednesday of the m

Age UK
Meetings last Monday of the month

Chess Club
Meet every Thursday evening from 7pm
Strictly Try Dancing

Classes are held on...

Thursday - 7.00pm to 9.30pm

For further details, contact us on...


Table Tennis

Meetings are held on...
Tuesday - 10.00am until 1.00pm

English Classes

Classes every Thursday from 6.30pm to 7.30pm.